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or companies with teams in need of constant communication, walkie talkies are a valuable resource. They’ve made it possible to reach out to every one of your workers instantly — and at considerable distances — which has truly made your job not only easier but, in fact, possible. 

For the longest time, it’s been the best option to maximize productivity and ensure that your entire team was on the same page at any given moment, preventing human error or even safety issues from slowing you down.

Yet, the times have changed, and walkie talkies are no longer the fundamental asset you once considered them. Sure, they still get the job done, but what once made life smoother may actually be a detriment to your productivity.

Let’s take a look at why the time has come to bid farewell to your good old-fashioned walkie talkies and say hello to a walkie talkie app, suitable for big businesses, high-performance teams and distributed workforces.


Going Digital

For companies with teams in need of constant communication, walkie talkies are a valuable resource. They’ve made it possible to reach out to every one of your workers instantly — and at considerable distances — which has truly made your job not only easier but, in fact, possible. 


As we know, walkie talkies have been considered an incredibly valuable tool to communicate with a large group of people. Hence, the decision for these devices to be applied to a great many different industries as an indispensable part of getting the job done right and on time. 

However, now they feel like a relic from another era, since essentially you carry tiny supercomputers in your pocket already. 

That’s right. We’re talking about your smart devices.

Traditional Walkie Talkies vs Walkie Talkie Apps

Back in the heyday of walkie talkies, smart devices weren’t a blip on anyone’s radar, let alone the sophisticated iPhones and Androids that dominate the marketplace today. Nowadays, it seems excessive to invest in walkie talkies that have, by comparison, a limited capability to connect your team. What you need is simply a way to transform your smart device into the tool you need. 

Rather than being forced to carry an additional device with you, a walkie talkie app installed directly onto your smart device provides you the ability to accomplish the very same tasks you once relied on your old walkie talkies for, but in a much more efficient manner.

As we know, innovation is the key to progress. It’s time to consider a more progressive alternative.


Cut Cost and Improve Team Performance

The ultimate goal of any company is not necessarily to streamline your communication behind the scenes but to ensure that this upgrade translates into better customer service. A walkie talkie app that your team uses allows you the opportunity to improve your communication — and your productivity.  In fact, we’re willing to bet that using a walkie talkie app will prove to be such a game-changer that it may influence a complete top-to-bottom reevaluation of how you conduct business.

Consider the fact that you will be able to more accurately convey messages in a way that you never could have with traditional walkie talkies. You no longer have to repeat what you said, worry about cutting each other off mid sentence, or having bad reception. By redefining what’s possible, you pass on this process improvement to your customers. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. An app’s fine-tuned, results-driven system guarantees that the efficiency of your work will vastly improve, just with the ability to inject the power of your smartphone into the capabilities of your old walkie talkie.

You instantly empower your entire business to act quicker and more decisively when you ensure that the clarity of your message remains sharp. Never worry whether you and your team are in sync. Your customers might not know exactly what has changed behind the scenes, but rest assured, they’ll be able to tell the difference without fail. With a walkie talkie app for your team, it’s that apparent.

Boost Business Revenue with this Easy Operational Improvement


We’ve discussed why the time is right to ditch your old walkie talkies, how an app would work and the impact it will make on both your team and your customers. But you may notice we have yet to truly address the financial elephant in the room, namely how a walkie talkie app for both teams and large businesses will affect the bottom line. In the event that it has yet to be made abundantly clear, let’s tackle that subject head-on right now.

When you switch from traditional walkie talkies to a simple yet sophisticated mobile app, you’ll be able to bid farewell to a ton of equipment that, while it served you in the past, simply is no longer needed. You’ll be able to strike an entire expense from your budget, relying instead on the built-in power of your team’s smartphones. Since each member of your team likely already has a smartphone of his or her own, you won’t have to worry about replacing or maintaining those old walkie talkies. Just harness the ability of your smartphones — and a walkie talkie app — to perform the function you need.

Speaking of the functionality, the enhanced ability to communicate with your team will open up new possibilities to boost revenue. Now that you and your team have streamlined your communication, you will inevitably have extra time to catch up on other tasks clinging to your to-do list, you will be able to get more done in less time that before.

Identify fresh opportunities, determine other areas of process improvement or just expand your daily workload. With a walkie talkie app firmly entrenched in your day-to-day, you’ll be able to take on more customers and more extensive projects without any worries about how you’ll get it all done.

No Longer Hassle with Walkie Talkie Maintenance


When you use traditional walkie talkies, you’ll not only be faced with the limited capabilities of outdated technology, but you also must contend with the added inventory expense. After all, in order for walkie talkies to truly serve their purpose, everyone on your team must have one handy. While this may initially seem like a one-time purchase, things happen. 

Devices get dropped, malfunction or simply begin to break down with the natural wear and tear of time. 

That leaves you with one of two options: replace or repair.

Both will escalate your expenses even higher, leaving you more deeply invested in machinery that frankly is anything but state-of-the-art.

With a walkie talkie app, you won’t have to face that same dilemma. Rather than having to equip your team with bulky hardware or deal with the costs of maintaining traditional walkie talkies, you’ll be able to leverage the technology that your team already has at its disposal. 

As far as technology, we live in a pretty remarkable time. We all already enjoy the convenience and access that smartphones provide us in our personal lives, so it seems silly for you to not take advantage of that when it comes to your business. 

It’s worth noting the big picture savings you’ll enjoy along the way by making the switch to a more sophisticated alternative to traditional walkie talkies.


What Industries can Benefit from a Walkie Talkie App?

If you’re working in a distributed workforce, the ability to communicate across great distances and to submit a variety of content types with your team might not benefit you. But then again, you probably didn’t rely on walkie talkies in the first place. But for a wide variety of companies, their industry demands constant vigilance. Otherwise, things could go horribly awry very quickly. 

If you’re looking for a more tangible answer regarding the kind of companies who would get the most use out of a walkie talkie app, we’ll briefly run through some of the possibilities here.

On the road:

The easiest businesses to envision using a walkie talkie app are perhaps those that are constantly on the go, and truly, transportation, delivery and field services teams are able to keep in touch with hands-free technology. No matter where your work may take you, a walkie talkie app optimizes your ability to stay in contact and even to share your location internally. With location sharing always know where your team members are.

In the building:

Even if your team isn’t spread out across impressive distances, a walkie talkie app will still prove to be invaluable. The sprawling campus of a college or university or the rapid-pace environment of a hotel or resort is the perfect fit for such an app. Team members are constantly on the go and often need to coordinate their tasks in a time-sensitive manner, and a walkie talkie app facilitates this with ease.

In a hectic and noisy work environment as a construction site, you cannot afford any mistakes or delays. Everything hinges on consistent, accurate communication across your team, and far more than traditional walkie talkies, this app creates a scenario wherein you don’t have to shout over machinery.

On the job site:

Across time zones:

If your team is spread out across multiple time zones, you need a way to keep tabs on each other without having to worry about the distance. This is especially true of constantly moving businesses like logistics or those that involve any kind of long-term project management. You’ll never have to wonder if a particular task has been completed.

More specifically, if you are wondering what types of industries can benefit from a walkie talkie app, see below:


Learn how to modernize your hotel team with real-time communication.


Stays safe behind the wheel with our hands-free technology.

Field Services

Dispatch with ease to remote teams. Keeping them connected.


Never miss messages and avoid dropped calls on the construction site.


Take learning to the next level. Collaborate among faculty and students.


Communicate across timezones and bring your team closer together.


Never let a driver go missing in action with location sharing.


Stay on task with Walkie Talkie mode and read receipts.

As we mentioned, the features built into a walkie talkie app give you the opportunity to not only enhance your ability to conduct team communications across great distances and at a moment’s notice. It actually improves upon this very premise with an integrated approach that makes it equally easy to transmit voice, photo or video messages. Moreover, you can send more kinds of content across any distance without facing roaming charges or dealing with additional contracts or carrier fees that simply picking up the phone to call or text would. 

Don’t waste precious time trying to repeat yourself. Your team can just play back the message to ensure that they heard you correctly.  This is especially useful for industries like construction, wherein much of the communication takes place in loud work environments. Your communication will inevitably suffer if you don’t have the right tools in place to compensate for the noise.

Upgrading your communication is, of course, entirely up to your discretion. Perhaps you’re perfectly fine sticking to traditional walkie talkies, but perhaps this is only because you haven’t experienced firsthand the robust message control features of a walkie talkie app for your team. You can control who receives what messages and send an extensive range of content instantly. Even share your location with your team. The choice is yours. All you need is a walkie talkie app that works on any iPhone or Android device as well as, of course, the web itself.

“I can locate an attendant immediately, which saves the entire staff a considerable amount of time. With efficient communications in place, we have more time to deliver excellent customer service, clean rooms and help guests.”

Chris Lennon,

Assistant Director of Housekeeping


Benefits of Voxer: A Walkie Talkie App

At Voxer, we understand how vital team communication is to the success of your business. Our walkie talkie app prioritizes all the very same capabilities you valued in your old devices. The goal is not simply to replicate the experience of using traditional walkie talkies but to improve upon it.

Just like standalone walkie talkies, Voxer is a live messaging application that allows for push-to-talk capability. Messages are even recorded so that you and your recipients can play them back for further clarification. Voice messaging is complemented by an integrated text, photo and location sharing capability that ensures that your message gets relayed to your team without fail. 


Voxer for Business is recommended for teams of at least 20 people, allows you to talk to up to 500 chat participants at one time, so that you can focus in on key members of your team or open your message up to more extensive communication. It’s easily the best option for high-performance teams and distributed workforces alike, allowing you to reach across greater distances and transmit more complex messages than traditional walkie talkies could even dream. Wherever you have a data signal, you can use the app, just like teams already using this app in more than 200 countries around the world.

Crunching the Numbers


Still unsure about how much a walkie talkie app can improve the quality and cost of your businesses workload? After all, you’ve been successfully conducting business one way for so long that any change may seem foolhardy. But the above benefits still stand, and we’re confident that — once you experience a walkie talkie app for yourself — you’ll never look back at the days of traditional walkie talkies. 

The cost savings alone is reason enough to give a walkie talkie app like ours the opportunity to revolutionize how you do business. If you’re looking for a more specific indication of just how much of a difference switching from traditional walkie talkies to an app will save, you’re in luck.

Check out our cost savings calculator to discover the tremendous impact a system like ours will have on your company. You’ll never look back, we promise, and your bottom line will reflect this wise decision to update your process.

Cost Savings Calculator:


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